"We felt like we were in the hands of a true expert when it came to drawing up the purchase offer and negotiating with the sellers agent...Highly highly recommended!"

                                                                                 S. Tasker

                                                                                                  Trumansburg, New York


Wilbrooke Realty rebates 1% of the purchase price BACK TO YOU!

  1. ​​​​Go to your bank or mortgage broker to pre-qualify for a mortgage that fits your budget.
  2. Visit Zillow, Homesteadnet.com, Realtor.com, or any real estate listing website.                                           
  3. Enter your search criteria and search the Multiple Listings site.
  4. Mark your favorites and drive by.
  5. Tour an open house or call us to request a showing.
  6. Make sure to sign in or tell the listing agent you are represented by Wilbrooke Realty.

Wilbrooke Realty empowers clients to customize their home search to reflect their own needs. Buying a home doesn't have to be an experience where you feel uncomfortable and pressured by high powered sales agents. At Wilbrooke, we support you in the buying process and only get involved in your decision on your terms. The advantage is that we provide just what you need, and save you money through our rebate program.

You Are Ready to Close

  1. Sign and email the Buyer Agency Agreement for THAT property ONLY. No need to make a long term commitment.
  2. Sign the purchase offer we have prepared at your request.(which includes all the necessary addendum.)
  3. Assisted by Wilbrooke Realty, negotiate any counter offers if needed.
  4. Forward your purchase contract to your attorney for approval.

You Are Ready to Buy

You Are Ready to Look

Buyer Rebate Program